For this change, it is necessary to ship us your Zappiti Pro 4K HDR. Please contact us for the exact procedure at or by phone (+33 1 88 83 09 30). The heaviness of this high-end modification requires between 10 and 15 working days + shipping back times. For optimum performance, the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Audiocom Edition requires a minimum of 400 hours of burn-in.


Those mods was conceptualized to provide the viewer with a truly lifelike cinematic experience presented with every detail intact. This is accomplished with no restraints in the quality of power supplies, regulation stages and clock system. There is no compromise made in the quality of components and design, all units are meticulously assembled for the best possible performance.


Power Supply upgrades:
Audiocom’s Pro 4K Cinema Edition features an improved power supply using components specially selected to achieve the lowest noise; including high current Schottky diodes, audio-grade low ESR capacitors with additional film bypassing. The benefits are a reduction in noise artefacts at the output resulting in a cleaner power supply.

Femto Clock:
Realising the importance of low jitter in the video domain, Audiocom installs a very high precision clock for the Realtek RTD1295 processor (SoC) to optimise the video and audio data processing. The new clock is highly accurate to within 0.01ppm with an extremely low jitter figure of 77 Femtoseconds making it one of the lowest in the industry.

New Power Supply Filtering:
Audiocom equips the Pro 4K Cinema Edition with enhanced power supply filtering; for a cleaner AC mains supply. A very high-quality Furutech NCF IEC inlet with 6N Copper wiring is fitted to the power input board. Furutech’s NCF technology provides the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping to the incoming power line achieving a lower noise floor.

EMI/RFI Conditioning:
A digital media player is a busy environment for electromagnetic noise. This high-frequency noise spectrum can pollute the sensitive power supply circuits and reduce performance. Audiocom applies a material that works to cancel out the negative effects of EMI noise and improve the conditions for video and audio signal transfer.

The World’s Best 4K Media Player:
The Pro 4K Cinema Edition player raises the bar for video and audio playback, taking picture and sound quality to exciting new heights. The video playback has improved picture depth, deeper Black levels, greater contrast, increased dynamic range, more natural tones and colours making movie watching an immersive experience. The sound quality is equally thrilling, reproducing a captivating sound both from the HDMI audio and digital audio outputs. Spoken voice is clearer and more discernible, with film scores having an increased sense of acoustic space, greater dynamics, improved depth, and a more natural tonality.


Technical specifications...

Audiocom Modifications for Zappiti Pro 4K HDR

VAT Included