The Audioquest Jitterbug is an active filter designed to eliminate disturbances and interference generated by USB devices or hard drives connected to a media player such as a Zappiti player.


All computer and electronic devices inherently generate a significant amount of noise and spurious resonances. In addition, hard drives are a major contributor to EMI / RFI pollution in the signal path, electromagnetic pollution that can easily impact USB cables and reach your media player. Noise and interference have many negative effects. A digital circuit compromised by noise increases jitter and addressing errors of digital data packets, which leads to distortion and causes disturbances in electronic circuits and thus significantly impact sound and visual rendering.


The Audioquest Jitterbug offers a simple, efficient and functional solution to eliminate any parasitic noise and any harmful resonance, both on the supply current and on the audio signal passing through a USB link. Interlaced between your player and your USB audio DAC, it drastically reduces errors in addressing data packets. The same benefits are observed when it is inserted between a hard drive, USB key, keyboard, mouse or any other USB storage device and the USB port of a multimedia player, or an audio amplifier, for example. When listening, dynamic contrast, warmth of reproduction and resolution are significantly improved. Note that the Jitterbug does not prevent the power or recharge of the device connected to the USB port.


The Audioquest Jitterbug is perfect for improving the quality of the signal between a multimedia player and an external DAC but also for optimizing the USB connection between a storage device (hard drive, USB key, etc.) and a multimedia player.


Technical spefifications


  • EMI / RFI filtering
  • Reduction of noise and interference on the Vbus USB channel (power supply) and on data trains
  • Jitter reduction
  • Complies with USB 2.0 standard specifications
  • Compatible with USB 3.0 standard peripherals (the data transfer rate is then lowered to the USB 2.0 standard)
  • Possibility to use 2 Jitterbug in parallel on the same USB hub
  • Does not block power and charging of connected USB devices

Audioquest Jitterbug

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