The iFi Audio DC Purifier 2 AC Power Filter has been specifically designed to reduce noise, buzz effects, jitter from power supplies of electronic devices such as Zappiti Media Players. It incorporates Active Noise Cancellation 2 technology and is distinguished from the old model by a more efficient noise reduction.

The iFi Audio DC Purifier 2 mains power filter reduces the noise level of the original power supply from 316 to 100,000 times. Simply insert it between the power supply box and the Zappiti media player. The DC Purifier 2 also indicates if the polarity has been reversed so that it can be repositioned in the correct direction and thus gain the quality of listening.

The iFi Audio DC Purifier 2 mains power filter is compatible with voltages between 5V and 24V, so it can also be used on other devices such as an external DAC or a digital audio player for example. For this, it comes with different adapter cables.


One small device, many, many applications - noise reduction for 5v -24v SMPS. Just add between the SMPS and the device, for example, Zappiti media player, a router, DAC, set-top box, media streamer, laptop or desk mixer.

Noise will be reduced by a factor of 316x to 100,000x.


A plethora of top-notch components - high-precision MELF resistors, Panasonic SP-Cap polymer aluminium capacitors, custom operational amps plus copper-alloy shielding.


By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, our Active Noise Cancellation2® (ANC2) actively cancels all incoming noise.


Reverse polarity warning.

The red protection LED will be lit if the input polarity is reversed.


A ground-up, ultra-wide band design.

Effective from 1Hz all the way up to 5GHz.

Crucially the strongest performance is in the audible range of 20Hz to 20KHz.


Different types of DC barrel connectors.

The DC iPurifier2 works with 5.5 x 2.1mm but also ships with adapters for 5.5 × 2.5mm and 3.5 × 1.35mm.



  • Active Noise Cancellation2® That sharply reduce noise and bring recordings to the fore
  • Panasonic SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors Further minimises noise and keeps your device temperature stable
  • Compatible with 5-24 volt DC power supply units (up to 3.5A, 84W)
  • Construction: iFi ‘FINAL’ aircraft-grade RFI shielded aluminium chassis
  • With 3 DC barrel versions: 5.5×2.1mm (adapters for 5.5×2.5mm and 3.5×1.35mm included)
  • With polarity inverter (white)


Compatible with the following Zappiti models:

  • Zappiti Neo
  • Zappiti One SE 4K HDR
  • Zappiti Duo 4K HDR
  • Zappiti One 4K HDR
  • Zappiti Mini 4K HDR
  • Zappiti Player HD 
  • Zappiti Player 4K
  • Zappiti Player 4K Mini


Not compatible with the following Zappiti models

  • Zappiti Player
  • Zappiti Player Mini
  • Zappiti Player Muse Edition
  • Zappiti Pro 4K HDR
  • Zappiti Signature
  • Zappiti Reference


Warranty period: 12 months

iFi Audio DC iPurifier 2

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